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Message from the Chairman of the Board of Directors & Managing Director

In a business environment that is always changing and fraught with challenges, we have succeeded in making remarkable progress towards achieving our main strategic objectives over more than fifty years of development and renaissance, while continuing to position ourselves in a good position to achieve growth and success in the long term, and the continuous development of products remains New insurance with advanced and distinguished service and manpower care to meet the needs of our customers is our cornerstone.

We strive to gain unwavering trust from our partners as we recognize that for many stakeholders, our reputation in the market today is just as important as our performance.

In the Sudanese Insurance and Reinsurance Company, we are committed to ensuring that we work with integrity and that we have an effective management structure and compliance system.

All of our employees and members of our Board of Directors work to enhance the common understanding, expectations and aspirations in terms of our vision, mission and core values. We believe that effective dialogue is essential to building relationships based on trust.

We constantly listen to the opinions of our clients and listen carefully to other stakeholders, including regulators and policy makers, in order to gain a clear understanding of what they expect of us as an insurance company with a rich history and advanced experience.

We have a broad understanding of our company’s responsibilities as a leading local and regional insurance company. In this context, we are aware of the importance of regional and global initiatives that aim to enhance responsible technical, social and administrative practices to have a positive impact in advancing economic development and growth to achieve an economic boom in the Sudanese insurance sector.
We are optimistic about a promising future, God willing, and we will preserve the company’s heritage and its permanent commitment to serving its customers.

Fortress of safety over time

Our main goal in the Sudanese Insurance Company is to provide companies, businesses, families and individuals alike in Sudan with the best innovative and attractive insurance solutions, through years of Sudanese experience in creating unique insurance products, offers and services Read more...

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