Sudanese..half a century of continuous giving
with extended experience since 1967 AD

The history of the Sudanese Insurance and Reinsurance Company goes back more than 50 years, as it was founded in 1967, by the leader and founder Ezzedine El-Sayed, may God have mercy on him, and a group of the good people of the country. Khartoum, where the offices of the Sudanese Insurance and Reinsurance Company are spread in all the localities of the capital, Khartoum, with (11) branches and dozens of service offices spread in public service complexes and various geographical locations, and our branches are spread in 12 states of Sudan in the main cities of most parts of Sudan, and more than Its total workforce is about 350 employees.
Today, the Sudanese Insurance and Reinsurance Company has gained its reputation and distinction as one of the insurance companies that has been operating for a long period in Sudan and for more than 50 continuous years and provides insurance products to individuals and companies.

The Sudanese Insurance and Reinsurance Company benefits from its effective and credible shareholders, with more than fifty-five years of experience in Sudan. Moreover, the company enjoys permanent relationships with some of the largest international reinsurance companies
. The strategy of the Sudanese Insurance and Reinsurance Company is represented in its relentless pursuit towards achieving growth and returns for shareholders and all stakeholders through involvement, participation, participation, support, development of systems and the development of insurance products that meet the market need, while contributing to the social and economic development in the country.

The story of the founding... tales of common struggle and the continuous lightning out

Mr. Ezz El-Din El-Sayed established the Sudanese Insurance and Reinsurance Company Ltd. in 1967 as a private limited company owned by the private sector. The articles of incorporation determined its purposes to provide services limited to foreign trade insurances (marine insurance) and then extended to include other insurances and everything that is within custom and usually within any type A type of insurance or a branch thereof. The deceased contributed to the introduction and dissemination of the insurance culture in the Sudanese market, and prosperity and expansion steps began to permeate the insurance sector in the country. in the country . It became one of the most important features of the company in adopting a developed management philosophy in business management, and it became the most important source of the company’s strength in its senior men in the administrative organization and its board of directors, who laid the basic building blocks and introduced a modern organizational and service administrative culture that takes into account the continuous transformation in market conditions and the diversity of customer requirements. And the effectiveness in performing their work for many years gave it extensive experience and knowledge in managing this institution and the ability to set an evolutionary policy that stimulates growth and progress, so they were among the most important ingredients for success and excellence.

Here I come to the fiftieth year of the life of this institution, confirming that the tree planted by these people has established its roots in the ground to the extent that it is no longer possible for any force to uproot it. We hope that our future will be as beautiful as our past.

The ultimate goal in establishing the Sudanese Insurance and Reinsurance Company was Ammar Al-Balad and Al-Walid, and that the company would be a generator of jobs that would achieve job security for people and a decent living, protect them from poverty and contribute to the development of their capabilities. The people of the country have been rehabilitated and trained so that they can move up the career ladder competently

The late Ezzedine took over its board of directors since its inception and founding, leading the company in a creative spirit with a track record of achievements. He was the owner of a mixture of modernity, culture, economy and politics. He adopted an advanced management philosophy in business management that includes the introduction of a modern administrative, organizational and service culture that takes into account the continuous transformation in market conditions and the diversity of requirements clients.

The late Ezz El-Din El-Sayed El-Fadl does not forget the men and personalities who worked with him and contributed to the company’s march and left vivid traces in the company’s path.. They played a stimulating and encouraging role to revitalize the private and insurance sector and provide the appropriate climate for its activities. The first board of directors was formed from them and they worked with him as members of the company’s board of directors.. Their ages varied. Their efforts varied, but they were truly the backbone on which the company was built, and it is still moving forward on their ideas, and their effects will remain in the company’s march.

Over the years of its career, the company has achieved a steady increase and leapfrogging. It was in the forefront and assumed advanced positions after its successes in regional, Arab, African and international forums, symposiums and conferences. It is natural that these conferences and unions are keen to honor the father of the Sudanese insurance, Ezzedine Al-Sayed, by imitating him and appointing him as head of the Arab Insurance Federation during the period ( 1972 – 1979) These successes would not have been appreciated by the Arab insurance family if they were not coupled with the courteous manners, good reputation and integrity of the late Ezzedine El-Sayed.

Founder and captain of the Sudanese Insurance and Reinsurance Company Ltd

The present absentee… Ezzedine El-Sayed
One of the giants of the Sudanese economy, who passed away in 2015 at the age of eighty years after a life full of success, transcending the borders of the world. He established the foundations of business in the Sudanese money, economy and insurance, and left indelible fingerprints in the world of the Sudanese economy and finance. He believes in the importance of these institutional frameworks for serving the Sudanese economy.

Milestones in the life of the present absentee… Ezzedine Al-Sayyid Muhammad
Founder and captain of the Sudanese Insurance and Reinsurance Company Ltd

• One of the founders of the Federation of Sudanese Insurance Companies and its first president, and one of the advocates and founders of the Sudanese Insurance Association
• Chosen to head the Arab and European Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Sudan
• Headed the Arab Insurance Federation (1972-1979)
• Member of the Boards of Directors of the Joint Arab Chambers (British – German – French and Belgian-Luxembourgish)
• Headed the Board of Directors of the Employers Union for three consecutive terms, which ended with his resignation

Mr. Ezz El-Din El-Sayed Mohamed

The early founders

{{The early founders}}

Board members upon incorporation

(Life must be understood by going backwards..and must be lived by going forward)

Personalities who contributed to the company’s progress and left vivid effects on its path.. They played a motivating and encouraging role to awaken the private sector and provide the necessary environment for its activities.. Their ages varied and their efforts varied, but they were truly the backbone on which the company grew.
These are people who shaped the conscience and they were at a high level of experience and knowledge. The company is still going and living on their ideas, and their traces will remain in our lives and their careers, and there are honorable additions that have meanings that we can count on. We have a right to know their destiny and weave in their path and dedication in giving and giving and hard work and tracing their biography. And we will walk on their straight path.
(We build as our first…we build and do as they did)

Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Manager: Mr. Ezz El-Din El-Sayed

First Board Members:
Mr.: Wada Othman Rahma
Mr.: Ibrahim Talab
Mr.: Sheikh Musa Syed
Mr. Jaafar Syed Ahmad Quraish
Mr. Abbas Mohamed Fadl
Mr. Bashir Mohammed Saeed
Mr.: Ahmed Dafa Allah Shabeka
Mr.: Hassan Sabry Hassan
Mr.: Abdul Rasool Hassan Khalil
Mr. Hamed Abu Dagan
Mr.: Ahmed Ibrahim Talab
Mr.: Saleh Yaqoub Saleh

(It is the honor of our forefathers, so it is our right that we should not neglect mentioning it)